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Customizing the Search Bar in Internet Explorer

Ever wanted to search the library catalog quickly without changing windows or opening a new page?  You can easily add PALS to the search bar of Internet Explorer (located in the top right corner).  Most of us are still running IE 7 in our system, but it’s a similar process in IE8.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 7
  2. Next to the search bar in the top right corner, you’ll see a tiny icon of a magnifying glass
  3. Click the drop down menu to the right of the magnifying glass
  4. Select Find more providers
  5. This will open a website titled Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer.  Here’s a screenshot of this page (click to enlarge). 
  6. While you’re here, you might want to add Google and Wikipedia to the search bar.  To do that, click the icons I’ve circled in the screenshot.
  7. You’ll be prompted to confirm Do you want to add the search provider?  Say yes!  If you want, you can make Google the default search engine (instead of Bing) by clicking the check box.
  8. Okay, now to add PALS.  On the right side, you’ll see a yellow box named Create your own.  Here’s where you paste the following link:*&query=&page=0 and give it a good friendly name, like “PALS”.  The link I’ve given will create a county-wide search.  If you’d prefer to customize that search to only your branch’s holdings or impose some other limits (format, sort by, etc.), open the catalog, choose the limits you want, type TEST in the search box, hit Go and copy the URL from your search results page.  Use that one instead!
  9. You’re done!  Now whenever you want to switch between search engines, just click the drop down menu to choose your provider and type in your search terms.  If you have any questions, I’d be happy to talk you through the process and send you more screenshots. 

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